POS Lavu

Point of Sale software

Experience the Most Efficient iPad POS System for Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and Retail

POSLavu’s Point of Sale software takes full advantage of Apple’s iPad and iPhone technologies. With detailed reports, kitchen display, mobile ordering, credit card swipe and wireless printing all working in sync, POSLavu is not just an App — it is a smart, complete solution to fulfill point of sale needs of small restaurants and national chains alike.


Why is POS Lavu’s Point of Sale Software System your best choice:

  • Detailed Reports
  • Kitchen Display
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Credit Card Swipe
  • Wireless Printing
  • Highly Intuitive Interface
  • Save on training time
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce waste from errors

Mobile and Wireless

  • Take/send orders from anywhere in your network
  • Process payments from the tableside
  • Easy to add devices and scale up

Remote Management

  • Accessible through any browser world-wide
  • Track moment-to-moment activity, manage settings and content in real-time

FREE Software Upgrades

  • Upgrades for the lifetime of your system
  • App Store Updates; auto-updates on the backend

Exportable Reporting

  • Search by date/time range, user, even groups you create
  • Upload to your accounting software – the formats and fields it needs
Point of Sale softwarePoint of Sale softwarePoint of Sale software